Ongoing Kdrama (April,2010)

Serial yang lagi pengen aku tonton bulan ini:

Personal taste

Son ye jin, Lee min Hoo

Meskipun rada g suka ama pemain utama cowoknya..tapi kabarnya nih wardrobe nih film bagus bnaget..jadi pengen nonton 🙂

Cinderella’s Sister

Moon Geun-yong, Cheon Jeong myong, Taecyeon (2PM)

She has neither aspiration nor emotion and her smile is sarcastic. Eun-jo is a girl who has apathy toward life. Her mother, who has been living as a single mother for 18 years, finally found the right person to marry and brought Eun-jo into the stepfather’s house.
A decent house and a decent family…. Eun-jo feels that everything in this house does not fit for her. The most unbearable thing she faces is the stepsister Hyo-sun, who is the apple of her father’s eyes and beloved by everyone in the house. Hyo-sun also takes away the mind of Eun-jo’s mother, just like her bright and untainted character attracted all the other people. Eun-jo cannot tolerate this situation, since she lost the only one that she completely owned.
She sets her mind on getting even with Hyo-sun. ‘Cinderella shouldn’t be loved by her stepmother. You broke the rule! I’ll pay you back by taking away what you have and will have! But then… What should I do first?’


Tipe film pelik yang biasanya aku g suka..cuman pengen liat akting MGY yang katanya bagus banget disini 🙂

Masalah nya sekarang adalah:

ada waktu gak yah kira-kira buat ngedownload plus nonton nih serial disaat minggu2 kuliah ku udah mendekati minggu-minggu terakhir 😦


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