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Just (a little bit) missing you, mates!

Randomly writing this blog entry. Dedicated to my 4-years-college-mates. Yes,you!

D’ brandalz 07

Special for the best work team I’ve ever had

and super special for my girls ❤

Glad to be part of you, my second family 🙂


Brand new product

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Couple Photoshoot

After attending 104th ITS graduation day, I and my best friends Nida and Nita had a very humiliating yet interesting idea. Yes, a couple photo shoot! HAHAHA :))))

Called us childish or “alay” but you should do this childish and alay thingy as long as you are still a teenager (or twentiager in our case :p) because the output of those photo shoots are not as bad as our thought 😀

And here we are..proudly present our couple photo shoots:



A very awkward eye contact -..-“

❤ ❤ ❤

104th ITS Graduation Day

hi world! It has been a long time since my last blog entry!

I’ve been very busy a few months ago, so that I’m hibernating from any blogging activities :))

Tough this is a very super duper late blog post, I still want to write this blog entry because that day was a very blasting day for me 🙂

That day was my classmates graduation day, called 104th ITS graduation day. Finally almost all of my classmates in college have already graduated, and I was really happy. They looked really great in their kebaya and suit! And here are some photos I collected that day:

(left to right) Nida, Nita, Kiki and Me with Nita’s Nephew

One of my best friends, Anang 😀

Congratz mas Fredy 😀

Congratulation Nchin, Dini and Henny

And this is it! D’Brandalz team!

Congratulation my friends! May you get greater achievements after your graduation day!

God Bless 🙂