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A girls’ day out

Just a little escape from our daily activities and a time to spare with my girls.


Walking around Galaxy Mall (our favourite Mall in Surabaya) and got really interested by just seeing fashion things. Haha women are the simplest things in the world, aren’t we?

And guess what am I found in one of shopping tenants?

A pair of sweet camel colored flat shoes!

And now you can guess how much I had to pay for that pair of shoes? Just 64.500IDR!! Thanks a lot to Surabaya Shopping Festival event :))

Lucky me that was the last pair of shoes and its size was really fitted in my feet. hahahaa I didn’t have any reason to not buying that shoes anymore.


When i just get really bored


The messiest point in my room also the best point to runaway from a boredom -.-

My sister’s wedding party

Last week was so blast for me! So blasting that I can’t even closed my eyes for sleep properly!

First matter is about my sister’s wedding party(ies). And the second one is about the acceptance announcement from university which I applied for graduate studies and also some problems related to that case. But whatsoever, finally I’ve passed that frustrating week and make this blog entry.

Due to my fidgeting mind I just took a few photos from my sister wedding party. All I can say is: How pity I am 😦




with Yoga, Iin and Satria. Thx for coming 😀


Actually the main reason why I didn’t take many photos in this special occasion was because I didn’t like my make up, so much! That just…too much :/

At bride’s room 😀

Just (a little bit) missing you, mates!

Randomly writing this blog entry. Dedicated to my 4-years-college-mates. Yes,you!

D’ brandalz 07

Special for the best work team I’ve ever had

and super special for my girls ❤

Glad to be part of you, my second family 🙂

Brand new product

Brand new product from my online shop!





Wanna some?

Just visit my online shop facebook page at here 🙂


Couple Photoshoot

After attending 104th ITS graduation day, I and my best friends Nida and Nita had a very humiliating yet interesting idea. Yes, a couple photo shoot! HAHAHA :))))

Called us childish or “alay” but you should do this childish and alay thingy as long as you are still a teenager (or twentiager in our case :p) because the output of those photo shoots are not as bad as our thought 😀

And here we are..proudly present our couple photo shoots:



A very awkward eye contact -..-“

❤ ❤ ❤

104th ITS Graduation Day

hi world! It has been a long time since my last blog entry!

I’ve been very busy a few months ago, so that I’m hibernating from any blogging activities :))

Tough this is a very super duper late blog post, I still want to write this blog entry because that day was a very blasting day for me 🙂

That day was my classmates graduation day, called 104th ITS graduation day. Finally almost all of my classmates in college have already graduated, and I was really happy. They looked really great in their kebaya and suit! And here are some photos I collected that day:

(left to right) Nida, Nita, Kiki and Me with Nita’s Nephew

One of my best friends, Anang 😀

Congratz mas Fredy 😀

Congratulation Nchin, Dini and Henny

And this is it! D’Brandalz team!

Congratulation my friends! May you get greater achievements after your graduation day!

God Bless 🙂